Kids of the Apocalypse // Masters of the Sun


Kids of the Apocalypse (KOTA) have just spawned on the Internet. They have a cryptic website and are entirely anonymous. They say they are “an anonymous collective from all over the world”. Their debut song Masters of the Sun fits this image they have painted for themselves. 

Millions of cyborgs are standing uniformly on an airport runway. Their arms raise and mysterious jet planes fly overhead, launching plasma beams down to each of them. The cyborgs all hover off the ground and are sucked into a vortex of coloured lights. They all whip around the sky, still together. Everything they touch turns changes colour, the clouds are now purple, orange, and yellow, and the sky is now red. The cyborgs create formations in the sky resembling different patterns and shapes. It seems to be some form of communication with the extra terrestrial world. The jet planes have now disappeared, and the world falls dark.